Sunday, September 29, 2013

Manhattan Pastorale

No, we're not in the Adirondacks. These Canada geese are visiting us right here on the east side of Roosevelt Island, smack in the middle of the East River.  Hadn't visited Roosevelt Island in many years, and it has become quite an outpost, more for families than for singles, with many good-looking high-rise apartment houses and attractive plantings. At the southern tip, a memorial park for Franklin D. Roosevelt is under construction.  

The island seems to have all the amenities, especially for family life. I wouldn't call it the best place for living solo, though it has the added attraction of being much quieter than the rest of Manhattan. And a couple of minutes on the Roosevelt Island tramway (assuming it's in working order) will get you to this peaceful oasis.

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Rebecca Ungarino said...

Hello Doris, my name is Rebecca Ungarino and I would like your input, based off of a NY Times article comment you made several years ago, for a story I am writing on crowding in NYC - specifically, SoHo. I would love if you could contact me at OR 631 901 5340.

Thank you!

Rebecca Ungarino