Friday, April 20, 2012

Ballerina Fashionista

Entering the elevator on my way to a professional-level ballet class today, I encounter this tiny tot, who is also on the way to her class. Her beautifully coordinated ensemble puts me in mind of the "What I'm Wearing" features in the style section of the Times. Starting at the top, we have a charming pink knitted beret, under which, when she removes it, we can see that her hair is held neatly in place with a frilled pink barrette. Her jewelry features a mixture of pink beads and sparkles. The tutu (also pink, if I haven't mentioned the color before) has a ruffled neckline and a multilayered skirt of tulle, each part of which is bound in pink edging. Pink tights and sparkly pink Mary Janes finish the outfit. Doubtless she'll change those before class for miniature ballet slippers, pink, needless to say. A really zippy touch is added by her heart-shaped  sunglasses with frames in the obligatory color. Apparently, a lot of thought has been given to dressing up to meet an appreciative audience this morning.

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