Saturday, February 2, 2008

Gotham Gems

For part of the year, the American Museum of Natural History installs its Butterfly Garden, a delicious find among the canyons of Manhattan. Other locales have similar installations; I've seen a wonderful one in Costa Rica. In this smallish, orchid-laden space, you can walk among the butterflies and moths, many of which will perch on you or your camera for quite a while. It's almost a shame to have to brush them off, gently.

Labor Day 2007 was one of those ultra-clear, apparently pollution-free days that are all too rare in NYC. It is sad to think that 9/11 was such a day, and I can't enjoy one like it without remembering. Perhaps that makes it all the more precious. This East River shot was taken last Labor Day.

Detmold Park is a small, narrow riverside park extending from Beekman Place south to just above the U.N. There are benches, tables, and an enclosed dog run. One must walk down a couple of flights of stairs to reach it. It's a reasonably peaceful retreat except for the traffic along the FDR Drive that separates it from the East River. The Queensboro Bridge, more familiarly known as the 59th Street Bridge, immortalized in Woody Allen's Manhattan, is visible here.

The New York Aquarium at Coney Island will be undergoing renovation along with rest of the famous recreational area. One bright day in the fall of 2007, Bernie was out enjoying the sunshine along with his trainer.

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