Thursday, January 31, 2008

Opening Observations—January 31, 2008

Newyorkiana—that's the general subject of this blog, along with travel observations and much else. Major interests are dance and opera. Here's something I wrote for Dance Magazine about ten years ago. Whoever keyed it into html put in a few punctuational errors. O'Neals' (yes, the apostrophe is in the right place; it's owned by the whole family) is a popular hangout near Lincoln Center. Their calf's liver with bacon can be recommended. Not for health reasons, of course, only for flavor.

On December 31, the New York Times was kind enough to publish a little item from me in the Monday "Metropolitan Diary" column. Mine was the last item of that day. 

My sister, who lives in London, and I agree that it's amazing that these two cities work as well as they do. When I start complaining, usually to myself alone, about this or that inconvenience of urban living, I remind myself that if you want to live in the Big City and enjoy all that it has to offer, you have to put up with this or that little (or sometimes big) annoyance. Rather Pollyanna-ish, but it works for me!

A friend who also had an item published recently tells me that eventually I will receive a soup mug with "New York Times—Metropolitan Diary" printed on it. I'm not holding my breath, but if and when it arrives, I may start eating soup.


design goddess said...

I love that your entry was the one that was illustrated!

ALC said...

Since your sister lives in London--do add her new and amazing website to your blog. ThanX